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Escassez de Água e Mudança Institucional: Análise da Regulação dos

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Paper Presented at Conference – ENPAD 2007 – Disponível na RAC-Eletrônica, v. 1, n. 1, art. 3, p. 31-46, Jan./Abr. 2007 Authors: Roberto Fava Scare and Decio Zylberzstajn ABSTRACT: The growing demand for water resources leads to more frequent conflicts among. Despite the abundance of water in Brazil, the country has an unequal internal distribution. These differences are the source of disputes, which alter the perception of the value of water and its scarcity....

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Contracts and incentives in Quality Beef Chain: analyzing organizational

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Paper Presented at Conference 48º SOBER – Sociedade Brasileira de Economia, Administração e Sociologia Rural, Campo Grande, 25 a 28 de julho de 2010. Authors: Silvia Morales de Queiroz Caleman, Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract Coordination mechanisms are basic factors for agrisystems competitiveness. However, the Brazilian beef chain is traditionally associated to less formal contractual relations when compared to other chains. This research seeks to identify the...

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Explorando soluções internacionais: o caso dos frigoríficos brasileiros

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The determinants of capital structure choice for soybean production in Brazil

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Authors: Luciana Florêncio de Almeida, Decio Zylbersztajn – 2007 Abstract: The Brazilian agrifood sector has experienced substantial, export-led growth since the mid-1990’s, with notable contribution from the soy complex. Therefore Brazil still has some relevant limitations for its national agribusiness agenda and according to Chaddad and Jank (2006) the volatility of macroeconomic policies, which includes high interest rates and over evaluation of the real exchange rate,...

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In search of cooperative governance: a brazilian agricultural co-op case study

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Authors: Daniela Maria Pozzobon, Cláudio Antonio Pinheiro Machado Filho – 2007 Abstract: This research presents a brief discussion on governance and ethical behavior in cooperatives whereas more recently the cooperatives have faced survival challenges as a result of the governance problems and the governance of cooperatives is relatively under theorized in comparison with the governance of business corporations, where there is a large literature on corporate governance....

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Estratégias para mitigação de riscos pós-contratuais: estudo dos contratos de crédito agrícola

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Abstract: Considering the associated risks embedded in the very nature of the agricultural activity and the existence of institucional failures mainly related to the insurance and financial markets in the rural scenario, the agricultural credit suffers the same constraints imposed to the other markets in Brazil. Posed in this frame, the contracts perform the role of balance mechanisms between ex-ante and ex-post contractual risks related to the rural credit transaction. Hybrid forms of...

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A custumer service design case study: insights on customer loyalty in the Brazilian food sector

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Authors: Ione Lucia Florêncio de Almeida, Luciana Florêncio de Almeida  – 2006 Abstract: Marketing managers of local and international food companies have realized that what they offer to customers go well beyond the characteristics and attributes of the products their companies manufacture and market. Service has become an integral part of the offer (Grönroos, 1993); a high service quality improves the company competitiveness, builds customer trust, supports the company...

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Channel coordination: an analysis of agent´s economic and noneconomic satisfaction

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Authors: Cintia Retz Lucci, Everton Molina Campos, Marcos Fava Neves – 2006 Abstract: This paper focuses on the management along the channel distribution, using satisfaction as a tool. The authors Geyskens, Steenkamp and Kumar (1999) classified satisfaction into two types: economic and noneconomic. And the satisfaction of an agent may be based on both. But there is not a definitive or recommended proportion. Which one will be the most important or more visible by the agent?...

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Marketing of carbon credits: an empirical research

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Authors: Marco Antonio Conejero, Marcos Fava Neves Abstract: The Kyoto Protocol was approved in February 2005 and the carbon market without rules, played by pioneer companies interested in learning how to do with their corporate image, started working towards a formality. As Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) market has already established Institutional Environment, it is interesting to study, based on the Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) theory, how the transaction costs induce...

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The latin american perspective on the impacts of the global food economy: the case of Brazil

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Author: Elizabeth M.M.Q. Farina – 2003 Abstract: Important institutional and economic changes in Latin America have resulted in a rapid consolidation and multinationalization of food processing and distribution. This paper focuses the supermarket sector in Brazil over the past decade and the impacts on processing sector. The dairy system is analysed as a case study that illustrates the changing competition rules in the food markets, the concentration ‘upstream’ in the...

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Subsistemas estritamente coordenados baseados em confiança: o caso de verduras

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Corporate social liability and the creation of value for organizations

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Abstract: The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility is subject of growing debate in the academic environment. It is widely accepted that business has an ethical dimension, besides the economic and legal dimensions. But there is no consensus about the nature of the ethical dimension and to whom they are owed. A group of scholars support the “stockholder view”: the idea is that the only social responsibility of business managers is to increase profits of the company´s owners,...

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Innovarion in the segment of affordable products: the case of scala in the production of pasta

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Abstract: In the decade of 90, the low income segments gain importance for the food companies in Brazil, composing an increasing parcel in the portfolio of consumers. The present paper explores the administration of the innovation in products and processes in the segment of popular products. The framework base is Clark & Wheelwright (1993), with an empirical application in the sector of pasta for the analysis of the Scala food company, a medium familiar company that focus the low...

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Strategic management in agribusiness cooperatives

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Abstract: While in the capital societies the vote is proportional to the capital of each investor, in the cooperative society each owner-producer has the right to an only vote. This basic difference generates some implications for the management process in cooperatives, in special on the relationship between owner-producer and cooperative. It´s a model with great challenges in its management, for the doctrinal aspects – each owner-producer, a vote. In general, it finishes for...

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Filosofia e geração de conhecimento: o raciocínio humano na formação de estratégia

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Estruturação do canal domiciliar: caso Danone

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Abstract: Distribution channels include all entities involved at making products available to end consumers. To framing marketing channels, business needs to make choices about market segments, marketing flows and channel members. Furthermore, the decision make process will define how basic services like small products batches, product variety, special convenience and wait time will be performed. This paper refer to the framing case of Danone door to door, a leader business of yogurt...

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Conflicts in distribution channels: the case of the multiple channels in the market of agricultural inputs in Brazil

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Abstract: This article explores the case of conflicts in marketing channels, enforced by the existence of multiple marketing channel, in this case, own firm’s sales force and dealers (indirect channels). For the commercialization of farm inputs, the indirect channels are very important because of their proximity with the farmer and the service providing in the installing and the maintenance of sold equipments, that regarding Brazil’s dimension, it become almost impossible to be done...

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Análise das transações entre produtor citrícola e as indústrias processadoras de frutas cítricas

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Abstract: This paper seek analyze the relationship between citrus industry and the orange producers. Furthermore, we describe the features of standard contracts used by producers and industries as well the standard contracts with buyer agents through innatura market. The paper relates producer’s profile with some kinds of relationship between this agents end try to find evidences of influences of the producer’s profile in the features of the exist contracts. We use the transaction...

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Análise das transações do sistema agroindustrial de ovos

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Análise das preferências do consumidor brasileiro de café: um estudo exploratório dos mercados de São Paulo e Belo Horizonte

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Abstract: Changes in both institutional and competitive environments in the nineties brought a new dynamics to the Brazilian coffee agribusiness. Investments on quality improvement features among the successful strategies to increase domestic market. Differentiated coffees show the most important growth, regarding quality in either the drink or the production process. Although investments grew in the specialties segment, there are several factors, which still impair a higher consumption....

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