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Seminários Empresariais do Pensa: “A visão urbana sobre o novo agronegócio”

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“A visão urbana sobre o novo agronegócio” Por Antonio Carlos Lima Nogueira O professor, escritor e palestrante José Luiz Tejon Megido apresentou um estudo de percepções dos habitantes de cinco capitais brasileiras sobre o agronegócio. Trata-se do resultado mais recente de um conjunto de investigações sobre o tema que ele vem realizando na última década, com o apoio de empresas e entidades do setor e principalmente no Núcleo de Estudos do Agronegócio, da...

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Entrevista Prof. Decio Zylbersztajn – Questões Indígenas

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Entrevista Prof. Decio Zylbersztajn – Questões Indígenas

Entrevista Canal Rural – Bom dia Campo – 24/10/2013 Acompanhe a entrevista do Professor Decio Zylbersztajn sobre a questão indígena, ele fala sobre as possíveis implicações da audiência sobre a área indígena Raposa Serra do Sol, realizada nessa quarta, e salienta a importância de um olhar diferente sobre as necessidades das comunidades indígenas.

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Building Supply Systems from Scratch: The Case of the Castor Bean for Biodiesel Chain in Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Authors: Kassia Watanabe, Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract The present study contributes to identifying obstacles to the development of a local biodiesel agro-industrial system (AGS) in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The research questions are: “How do local social characteristics influence the organizational effectiveness of agents involved in the joint production effort?”; and “How can the institutional arrangement of biodiesel production be described?” The method adopted...

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Reallocation of property rights in agro-food systems: addressing diffuse stakeholders’ rights

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Article published in Journal on Chain and Network Science 2012; 12(1): 1-12 Author: Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract: Stakeholders are individuals who can substantially affect the decision-making and sharing part of the value created by firms. This paper explains how parties that have not exercised cooperative production efforts, hold decision-making rights and share rights to the value created. The objective of this paper is to present a theoretical explanation for the...

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Contractual breaChes and sentences dispersion

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – Revista Direito GV, São Paulo 7(1) | P. 155-176 | JAN-JUN 2011 Authors: Christiane Leles Rezende e Decio Zylbersztajn ABSTRACT: The problems which have moTivaTed a sTudy and This arTicle were The conTracTual breaches during an expressive increase of price and Their judicial decisions. descripTive and economeTric analysis have been carried ouT on 161 appeal judicial decisions of goiás courT of jusTice (brazil) and a...

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Poder de Mercado Poder de Contrato Envolvendo Integrados Cooperados e Não Cooperados: percepções na cadeia de frango

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Magazine article – Informações Econômicas, SP, v. 41, n. 7, jul. 2011. Autor: José Paulo de Souza and Decio Zylbersztajn This publication is just available in portuguese

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RAE – São Paulo – v. 51 – n. 6 – nov/dez. 2011 – 542-552 Authors: Christiano França Cunha, Eduardo Eugênio Spears and Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract The labels and certificates are a response from the retail to consumer’s needs for enhanced monitoring of quality and food safety. There are several types of labels found in retail, some are specific to the attribute related to the origin of the...

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Papel dos Contratos na Coordenação Agro-Industrial: um olhar além dos mercados

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RER, Rio de Janeiro, vol. 43, nº 03, p. 385-420, julho/set 2005 – Impressa em setembro 2005. Author: Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract: This essay departs from the question about the limited adoption of the contractual approach in the field of Agricultural Economics in Brazil. It discusses the relevance of the contractual approach to the theory of the firm, presents the evolution of the studies of coordination in food chains in...

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Organização Ética: um Ensaio sobre Comportamento e Estrutura das Organizações

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RAC, v. 6, n. 2, Maio/Ago. 2002: 123-143 Author: Decio Zylbersztajn ABSTRACT: The main objective of the essay is to discuss the theme of ethics and organizations under the lenses of the New Institutional Economics. Given the importance of ethics and social responsibility for organizations, the study suggests the risk associated to the benign approach of cooperation based on the assumption of absence of opportunism. Also...

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – Impulso, Piracicaba, 15(36): 45-57, 2004 Authors: Eduardo Eugênio Spers, Decio Zylbersztajn e Cláudio Antônio Pinheiro Machado Filho Abstract The guarantee of food safety is a growing concern for the governments and company decision makers. Their efforts are addressed to influence the consumer’s perception over the many attributes of a food product, with special attention to the nutrition and safety aspects. The...

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – Revista Alcance – UNIVALI – Vol. 14 – n.1 p. 89 – 111 – Jan / Abr 2007. Authors: Matheus Kfouri Marino, Dr. and Decio Zylbersztajn, Dr. ABSTRACT: This article identifies the main critical variables of success for the implementation of strategies, and carries out an empirical analysis of the system of agrochemical distribution in Brazil. The theoretical framework used is an innovative one, in that...

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Falta de Garantias e Falhas de Coordenação: evidências do sistema agroindustrial da carne bovina

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RESR, Piracicaba-SP, Vol. 50, Nº 2, p. 223-242, Abr/Jun 2012 – Impressa em Maio de 2012 Silvia Morales de Queiroz Caleman and Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract: The role of formal and informal institutions in the economy of organizations is traditionally analyzed in terms of efficient governance mechanisms which minimize transaction costs. Based on a different perspective, this paper focuses on coordination failures and the...

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Failures in incentive transmission along Brazil’s quality beef chain

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Newspaper article – Journal on Chain and Network Science 2011; 11(3): 251-262 Abstract: Coordination mechanisms are key factors that affect the competitiveness of agrisystems. Brazilian beef chains are associated with less formal contractual relations compared to other food chains, resulting in frequent conflicts between cattle farmers and the processing industry. This study identifies the reasons for this phenomenon, raising the question of whether the observed incentive...

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Explaining Agro-Industrial Contract Breaches: The Case of Brazilian Tomatoes Processing Industry

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RER, Rio de Janeiro, vol. 45, nº 04, p. 899-920, out/dez 2007 – Impressa em novembro 2007. Authors: Decio Zylbersztajn and Lygia B. Nadalini Abstract: Three hundred small tomato growers located in Brazilian northeast states, supplied a processing industry. In view of the large number of contract hazards and weak enforcement of clauses, managers have decided to move to the Midwest, where a reduced number of larger farmers have been...

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Case study – 1996 Author: Decio Zylbersztajn ABSTRACT: The case study focuses the joint venture between two companies, PIC from UK and Agroceres from Brazil, aiming at the transference of technology of pig genetics to the Brazilian market. The venture has been successful so far but at the same time faces enormous challenges. The venture succeeded to introduce the technology but followers are now entering the market. At the technical side further improvement of quality...

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Estabilidade e difusão de arranjos verticais de produção:

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Article Published in Magazine – Economia e Sociedade, Campinas, v. 11, n. 2 (19), p. 329-346, jul./dez. 2002 Authors: Decio Zylbersztajn and Antonio Carlos Lima Nogueira Abstract – The objective of this study is to contribute for the theoretical development of vertical coordination in productive systems, shaping the concept of “stability and diffusion of contractual arrangements”. Considering the well-accepted statement of efficient alignment between...

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Escassez de Água e Mudança Institucional: Análise da Regulação dos

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Paper Presented at Conference – ENPAD 2007 – Disponível na RAC-Eletrônica, v. 1, n. 1, art. 3, p. 31-46, Jan./Abr. 2007 Authors: Roberto Fava Scare and Decio Zylberzstajn ABSTRACT: The growing demand for water resources leads to more frequent conflicts among. Despite the abundance of water in Brazil, the country has an unequal internal distribution. These differences are the source of disputes, which alter the perception of the value of water and its scarcity....

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entry costs and quality of business environment: a critical analysis

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RAM, REV. ADM. MACKENZIE, V. 11, N. 5 • SÃO PAULO, SP • SET./OUT. 2010 • p. 151-161 Author: Decio Zylbersztjan ABSTRACT:Transaction costs are the costs to protect property rights. Institutions are shaped in order to control transaction costs in society. Studies have been developed to measure transaction costs both at the macro and microeconomic levels. Entry costs, i.e., the cost to start up a new business are considered...

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – Edição 65 Vol 16 N° 1 janeiro-abril 2010. Authors: Décio Zylbersztajn and Elizabeth Maria Mercier Querido Farina ABSTRACT: The focus of this paper is the architecture of complex forms of governance, specifically, the architecture of networks. A network is a complex form of organization designed to govern inter-firm transactions involving horizontal and vertical coordination. The agent´s choice among various institutional...

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Direitos de Propriedade, Investimentos e Conflitos de Terra no Brasil: uma análise da experiência paranaense

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Authors: Viviam Ester de Souza Nascimento, Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes and Decio Zylbersztajn Article Published in Academic Magazine RESR, Piracicaba, SP, vol. 48, nº 03, p. 705-748, jul/set 2010 – Impressa em outubro 2010 Abstract: The objective of this paper is to study the invasions (occupation) of land properties held by the so called Brazilian social movements. This conflict concerns the disputes between farmers and social movements, in which the landowners...

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