About us

About us

The Agribusiness Intelligence Center –PENSA is an advanced center dedicated to Agribusiness Management and Coordination studies. It develops national and international world class academic research. It is structured as a network involving several Universities and research institutions, researchers, executives, industrialists and farmers.

The Agribusiness Intelligence Center is a research program of the Business Department at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Accounting from the University of São Paulo, created in June 17, 1990. It is registered as a research group at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and is an institutional program of the FIA Business School.


PENSA focus is in the study of agribusiness systems particularly the coordination of the agents involved in the production, processing and distribution of products originating in agriculture and livestock.

PENSA developed a methodology for the study of agribusinesse´s systems and organizations based on three conceptual frameworks: the Structure of the market segments, transaction costs and institutional environment analysis.

The New Institutional Economics approach to agribusiness coordination considers the internal structure of the firm, its vertical and horizontal relationships as the institutional structure of production. The theory of industrial organization, on the other hand, allows the analysis of industries, strategic groups and market structure.

The applicability of these theoretical bases consists of a powerful tool that allows analysis focused on private strategies and public policies.

Main activities

PENSA develops its competent activities in three areas:

  •  Research
  • Advanced Education
  •  Applied Projects

The Agribusiness Intelligence Center performs research in the University of São Paulo, as well as in partnership with other institutions. It also performs applied research and advanced education at Faculdade FIA de Administração e Negócios an institution created by the Faculty of the Business School from the University of São Paulo.

The methodological approach of PENSA earned credibility in terms of its pioneering and its successful use in organizations of all sizes, from different sectors of Brazilian agribusiness.

The improvement of techniques and constant aggregation of the most innovative theoretical basis is an efficient tool for creating and managing strategic projects in organizations.

Themes of PENSA projects:

  • Coordination of Agribusiness Systems
  • Contracts in agribusiness
  • Strategic Management of Organizations
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • Competitiveness of Agribusiness Systems
  • Mapping and Measurement Agribusiness Systems
  • Agro-Energy Production Systems
  • PENSA method of developing case studies
  • Sustainability Studies

The Advanced Education area promotes: Open courses, courses “in-company” and Corporate Education Projects.

The quality differential of the Advanced Education area relies on a very consistent back ground from real experiences lived by its members. These experiences range from close contacts with agribusiness companies, the development of strategic projects and the elaboration of case studies , with self methodology, exploring extensive didactic uses.

With a mix of academic professors, researchers and market professionals with extensive field experience, the courses aim to meet the needs of companies, cooperatives and institutions.