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eBook: Coffee Researches Universitá del Caffè Brazil, 2013 to 2017

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To celebrate 18 years of UdC Brazil activities we published a book with the collection of researches conducted between 2013 and 2017. This book intends to support the dissemination of the knowledge to the community of the coffee agribusiness, adding value to all its participants. The seven studies are: • Research on coffee production in Brazil: paving the way to the future • Case studies about innovation in the Brazilian coffee production • Strategic supply contracts for high...

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Livro: Pesquisa em Café Università del Caffè, 2013-2017

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A Università del Caffè Brazil nasceu em março de 2.000 como resultado de uma parceria entre o PENSA – Centro de conhecimento em agronegócios e a illycaffè, com a missão de gerar e difundir conhecimento na cafeicultura. Alinhada com sua missão, a UdC Brazil gera conhecimentos por meio da produção de pesquisas de interesse para o agronegócio café. Para celebrar 18 anos de atividades foi publicado o livro: Pesquisa em Café Università del Caffè, 2013-2017! Esta coletânea de...

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Ambiente institucional e contratos de crédito agrícola: três estudos críticos

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Abstract: This dissertation outlines a New Institutional Economics’ approach of rural credit and analyses it through three articles. The mainstream of this research relies in the understanding that the rural credit contracts are hybrid forms in response to the agrichain´s complexity. The object of the research was operational credit contract for soybeans farms. The first two articles consist on qualitative researches in the extent that they sought to comprehend in a more profound...

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Competitiveness of meat agribusiness chain in Brazil and extensions for Latim América

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Working Paper – 2000 Authors: Decio Zylbersztajn, Cláudio Antonio Pinheiro Machado Filho Link to download this publication

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