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Estratégias nos canais de distriubuição de ovos: análise dos arranjos institucionais simultâneos

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Abstract: This study investigates the reasons which lead the companies to keep simultaneous institutional arrangements as distribution strategies and choice of their channels. The analysis are focused on the institutional arrangements which determine how the agents involved cooperate to the development of a certain activity, in this case, in the egg distribution. The Transaction Cost Economics and the Theory of Dynamic Competence form the main theoretical framework used in this study in...

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Corporate social liability and the creation of value for organizations

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Abstract: The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility is subject of growing debate in the academic environment. It is widely accepted that business has an ethical dimension, besides the economic and legal dimensions. But there is no consensus about the nature of the ethical dimension and to whom they are owed. A group of scholars support the “stockholder view”: the idea is that the only social responsibility of business managers is to increase profits of the company´s owners,...

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Custos de transação e arranjos institucionais alternativos: uma análise da avicultura de corte no Estado de São Paulo

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This publication is just available in portuguese

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