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Gestão de créditos de carbono: um estudo multi-casos

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RAUSP. Revista de Administração da Universidade de São Paulo, vol. 42, n. 2, abril/junho de 2007. 

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Estratégias nos canais de distriubuição de ovos: análise dos arranjos institucionais simultâneos

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Abstract: This study investigates the reasons which lead the companies to keep simultaneous institutional arrangements as distribution strategies and choice of their channels. The analysis are focused on the institutional arrangements which determine how the agents involved cooperate to the development of a certain activity, in this case, in the egg distribution. The Transaction Cost Economics and the Theory of Dynamic Competence form the main theoretical framework used in this study in...

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Conflicts in distribution channels: the case of the multiple channels in the market of agricultural inputs in Brazil

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Abstract: This article explores the case of conflicts in marketing channels, enforced by the existence of multiple marketing channel, in this case, own firm’s sales force and dealers (indirect channels). For the commercialization of farm inputs, the indirect channels are very important because of their proximity with the farmer and the service providing in the installing and the maintenance of sold equipments, that regarding Brazil’s dimension, it become almost impossible to be done...

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Marketing e canais de distribuição de commodities

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This publication is just available in portuguese

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Um modelo para planejamento de canais de distribuição no setor de alimentos

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Abstract: Several food and agribusiness companies are unsatisfied with the distribution of their products and services. Distribution still is a strong source of competitive advantage for companies. In products, the rate of technology transfer between companies all over the world and the global competition turns new product attributes available for competitors to copy. In prices, companies can operate in several parts of the world, creating offers at the lowest prices possible. In...

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