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Measurement costs and agribusiness governance: a multiple case study applied to beef agrichain

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Article Published in Academic Magazine Organizações Rurais & Agroindustriais, Lavras, v.10, n.3, p. 359-375, 2008 Authors: Silvia Morales de Queiroz Caleman, Renato Luiz Sproesser, Décio Zylberstajn ABSTRACT: Measurement Cost Theory (MCT) and Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) are both theoretical frameworks applied to the study of economic transactions. In the MCT, the attributes’ measurability is a key variable for identifying efficient modes of governance. The...

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Competitiveness of chain in Brazil meat agri-food

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Paper Presented at Conference – 2002 . Authors: Decio Zylbersztajn, Cláudio A. Pinheiro Machado Filho Abstract: Traditional studies on competitiveness in agro-food systems have been increasingly challenged by non standard approaches. Traditional studies are defined as the ones based on comparative costs and market participation of countries or industries. Since comparative costs and market shares are frequently distorted by subsidies, specially for agricultural...

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Competitiveness of meat agribusiness chain in Brazil and extensions for Latim América

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Working Paper – 2000 Authors: Decio Zylbersztajn, Cláudio Antonio Pinheiro Machado Filho Link to download this publication

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