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Failures in incentive transmission along Brazil’s quality beef chain

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Newspaper article – Journal on Chain and Network Science 2011; 11(3): 251-262 Abstract: Coordination mechanisms are key factors that affect the competitiveness of agrisystems. Brazilian beef chains are associated with less formal contractual relations compared to other food chains, resulting in frequent conflicts between cattle farmers and the processing industry. This study identifies the reasons for this phenomenon, raising the question of whether the observed incentive...

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Marketing and Network Contracts (Agreements)

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Journal on Chain and Network Science. Volume 3, Number 1 / June 2003. Pages 7-19 Author: Marcos Fava Neves The literature shows that bounded rationality makes it almost impossible to build complete contracts to manage transactions between companies. Furthermore, incomplete contracts generate opportunism problems from one of the involved parts and undesirable transaction costs that could be reduced if the process of building a...

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Estratégias para mitigação de riscos pós-contratuais: estudo dos contratos de crédito agrícola

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Abstract: Considering the associated risks embedded in the very nature of the agricultural activity and the existence of institucional failures mainly related to the insurance and financial markets in the rural scenario, the agricultural credit suffers the same constraints imposed to the other markets in Brazil. Posed in this frame, the contracts perform the role of balance mechanisms between ex-ante and ex-post contractual risks related to the rural credit transaction. Hybrid forms of...

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Estratégias nos canais de distriubuição de ovos: análise dos arranjos institucionais simultâneos

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Abstract: This study investigates the reasons which lead the companies to keep simultaneous institutional arrangements as distribution strategies and choice of their channels. The analysis are focused on the institutional arrangements which determine how the agents involved cooperate to the development of a certain activity, in this case, in the egg distribution. The Transaction Cost Economics and the Theory of Dynamic Competence form the main theoretical framework used in this study in...

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Contract analysis as a marketing/supplychain educational tool

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Working Paper – 2000 Author: Marcos Fava Neves Abstract: It is known by the literature that bounded rationality makes it almost impossible to build complete contracts. At the other side, incomplete contracts give rise to several problems and undesirable transaction costs that could be reduced if the contract building process was done with more details (accuracy). In some universities, students are not trained in these aspects, and the paper brings an exercise that is...

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