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Pacta sunt servanda? quebra dos contratos de soja verde

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Abstract: The development of the soybean agribusiness complex in Brazil took place, in part, as a consequence of credit alternative forms, such as the soybean anticipated sale by contracts. The problems which have motivated this study were the contractual breaches during an expressive increase of price and their judicial decisions. Descriptive and econometric analysis (PROBIT) have been carried out on 161 appeal judicial decisions of Goiás Court of Justice (Brazil) and a quantitative...

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Ambiente institucional e contratos de crédito agrícola: três estudos críticos

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Abstract: This dissertation outlines a New Institutional Economics’ approach of rural credit and analyses it through three articles. The mainstream of this research relies in the understanding that the rural credit contracts are hybrid forms in response to the agrichain´s complexity. The object of the research was operational credit contract for soybeans farms. The first two articles consist on qualitative researches in the extent that they sought to comprehend in a more profound...

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Coordenação do sistema agroindutrial da carne bovina: determinantes dos arranjos contratuais entre produtores e processadores no Uruguai

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Abstract: What are the determinants of the contractual arrangement choice in the beef producersprocessors transactions in Uruguay? The question refers to the coordination and production control problem. Changes in consumer’s awareness of specific attributes in food products demand information and better coordinated systems. Coordination becomes more important to Uruguay not only to assure quality attributes of products but also to explore market access opportunities and fast adaptation...

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Estratégias para mitigação de riscos pós-contratuais: estudo dos contratos de crédito agrícola

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Abstract: Considering the associated risks embedded in the very nature of the agricultural activity and the existence of institucional failures mainly related to the insurance and financial markets in the rural scenario, the agricultural credit suffers the same constraints imposed to the other markets in Brazil. Posed in this frame, the contracts perform the role of balance mechanisms between ex-ante and ex-post contractual risks related to the rural credit transaction. Hybrid forms of...

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Estratégias nos canais de distriubuição de ovos: análise dos arranjos institucionais simultâneos

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Abstract: This study investigates the reasons which lead the companies to keep simultaneous institutional arrangements as distribution strategies and choice of their channels. The analysis are focused on the institutional arrangements which determine how the agents involved cooperate to the development of a certain activity, in this case, in the egg distribution. The Transaction Cost Economics and the Theory of Dynamic Competence form the main theoretical framework used in this study in...

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Análise das transações entre produtor citrícola e as indústrias processadoras de frutas cítricas

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Abstract: This paper seek analyze the relationship between citrus industry and the orange producers. Furthermore, we describe the features of standard contracts used by producers and industries as well the standard contracts with buyer agents through innatura market. The paper relates producer’s profile with some kinds of relationship between this agents end try to find evidences of influences of the producer’s profile in the features of the exist contracts. We use the transaction...

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O sistema agroindustrial da cana-de-açúcar: caracterização das transações entre empresas de insumos, produtores de cana e usinas

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This publication is just available in portuguese

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