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Papel dos Contratos na Coordenação Agro-Industrial: um olhar além dos mercados

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RER, Rio de Janeiro, vol. 43, nº 03, p. 385-420, julho/set 2005 – Impressa em setembro 2005. Author: Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract: This essay departs from the question about the limited adoption of the contractual approach in the field of Agricultural Economics in Brazil. It discusses the relevance of the contractual approach to the theory of the firm, presents the evolution of the studies of coordination in food chains in...

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Corporate social liability and the creation of value for organizations

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Abstract: The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility is subject of growing debate in the academic environment. It is widely accepted that business has an ethical dimension, besides the economic and legal dimensions. But there is no consensus about the nature of the ethical dimension and to whom they are owed. A group of scholars support the “stockholder view”: the idea is that the only social responsibility of business managers is to increase profits of the company´s owners,...

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Coexistence of institutional arrangements in slaughter aviculture in the State of São Paulo

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Abstract: The objective of the study is to analyse the coexistence of alternative institutional arrangements in agri-food systems, focusing on the broiler supply to processors in the poultry industry. The research problem deals with the coexistence of partnership contract, predominant in the Brazilian poultry industry, with spot market, supply contract and vertical integration in the State of São Paulo. The percentile participation of each arrangement on the total supply of the...

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Análise das transações entre produtor citrícola e as indústrias processadoras de frutas cítricas

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Abstract: This paper seek analyze the relationship between citrus industry and the orange producers. Furthermore, we describe the features of standard contracts used by producers and industries as well the standard contracts with buyer agents through innatura market. The paper relates producer’s profile with some kinds of relationship between this agents end try to find evidences of influences of the producer’s profile in the features of the exist contracts. We use the transaction...

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Custos de transação e arranjos institucionais alternativos: uma análise da avicultura de corte no Estado de São Paulo

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This publication is just available in portuguese

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Competitividade e coordenação de sistemas agroindustriais: um ensaio conceitual

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Revista Gestao & Producão, Vol. 6, n.3, Dezembro 1999. p.147-161. ISSN 0104-530X.

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