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Measurement costs and agribusiness governance: a multiple case study applied to beef agrichain

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Article Published in Academic Magazine Organizações Rurais & Agroindustriais, Lavras, v.10, n.3, p. 359-375, 2008 Authors: Silvia Morales de Queiroz Caleman, Renato Luiz Sproesser, Décio Zylberstajn ABSTRACT: Measurement Cost Theory (MCT) and Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) are both theoretical frameworks applied to the study of economic transactions. In the MCT, the attributes’ measurability is a key variable for identifying efficient modes of governance. The...

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Gestão de créditos de carbono: um estudo multi-casos

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RAUSP. Revista de Administração da Universidade de São Paulo, vol. 42, n. 2, abril/junho de 2007. 

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Franquias de alimentos e coordenação de cadeias agroindustriais: uma análise empírica

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Revista de Administração (USP), São Paulo, v. 37, n. 1, p. 51-62. 2002.  Abstract: Franchising is an important trend in business contracting, playing a special role in te food sector. It is well know the funtion of franchising as a governance struture of the transaction between franchiser and franchisee (forward coordination). This paper, instead, investigates the backward coordination induced by foodfranchising. The main hypothesis states that the...

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