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Article Published in Academic Magazine – RAE – São Paulo – v. 51 – n. 6 – nov/dez. 2011 – 542-552 Authors: Christiano França Cunha, Eduardo Eugênio Spears and Decio Zylbersztajn Abstract The labels and certificates are a response from the retail to consumer’s needs for enhanced monitoring of quality and food safety. There are several types of labels found in retail, some are specific to the attribute related to the origin of the...

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Marketing and Network Contracts (Agreements)

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Journal on Chain and Network Science. Volume 3, Number 1 / June 2003. Pages 7-19 Author: Marcos Fava Neves The literature shows that bounded rationality makes it almost impossible to build complete contracts to manage transactions between companies. Furthermore, incomplete contracts generate opportunism problems from one of the involved parts and undesirable transaction costs that could be reduced if the process of building a...

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Marketing e canais de distribuição de commodities

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This publication is just available in portuguese

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A model for the distribution channels planning process

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Working Paper – 2000 Authors: Marcos Fava Neves, Peter Zuurbier, Marcos Cortez Campomar Abstract: Research of existing literature reveals a sequence of steps for food and beverage companies that want to plan distribution channels (part of the chain starting from the company towards the final consumer). The literature review of marketing channels, transaction costs and four planning models of distribution channels revealed that almost none of these models use...

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