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Building Joint Ventures in 6 Steps: A South American Case

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Article Published in Academic Magazine – Centro de Marketing e Estrategia de Empresas -2006 Author: Marcos Fava Neves Abstract Joint venture is an alternative for companies in the dynamic business environment. Companies in a joint venture can focus on their core competencies and at the same time join efforts to e.g. explore new markets. It is well reported in literature that implementing a joint venture is a key issue among companies. We develop a 6-step framework to...

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Strategic alliances and sustainable coffee production: the shaded system of baturite state of Ceara – Brazil

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International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Vol 6 Iss 2, 2003. Author: Maria Sylvia M. SAES, SOUZA, M.C.M. ; OTANI, M. N. Abstract: The study aims to assess the entry of coffee producers into the specialty coffee segment that is differentiated by social and environmental attributes. It shows the experience of shaded coffee growers participating in the Projeto Café Ecológico, placed in the Baturité Mountains...

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Actions to promote sustainable development: the case of Baturité Shaded Coffee, state of Ceará, Brazil

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Authors: Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes, Maria Célia Martins de Souza, Malimiria Norico Otani – 2001 Abstract: The harmonious co-existence of agricultural production with natural resources preservation calls for a series of joint actions reliant on the support from several organizations. Products coming from this articulation of forces can be labeled as specialties. In the case of differentiated coffees, quality may involve concepts that go way beyond the final quality of the...

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