Estruturas de governança e coordenação do agribusiness: uma aplicação da nova economia das instituições

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Abstract: The present study is a contribution to the literature of agribusiness coordination. This topic is recurrent in the recent agribusiness literature, since the seminal work of Davis and Goldberg, persisting in other studies based on Industrial Organization applied to agribusiness. The literature on agribusiness coordination represents an evolution from the studies that focused agriculture, food industry and distribution individually. However the contribution had no solid theoretical background to support the observed phenomena of contracts, vertical integration and other forms of coordination. Being of a very descriptive nature, the contributions did not perform hypothesis testing. By the other hand in recent work developed by Oliver Williamson and Douglass North in the area of the New Institutional Economics, new opportunities appeared either applied to internal structure of corporations or to aspects related to the coordination of contracts, vertical integration and business governance in general. This study revisits the systemic approach of Goldberg under the theoretical view of transaction cost economics. Therefore the main purpose is to merge the literature of agribusiness and transaction costs and apply it to explain agribusiness governance. The study presents an application of discrete structural analysis to coffee agribusiness coordination. As a result the study concludes that transaction cost economics is a well fitted tool to test hypothesis related to agribusiness governance and builds a solid background to explain agribusiness coordination with extensions to the study of competitivity of production systems.
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